Calves straw

gruppeFeed barley straw for fiber supply from calves, dusted, 22-kg bales, improves feed intake and digestion.

Simply mix with grain calf 1:1 (a handful of grain calf, a handful of calves straw, hay no more). The small calves can no longer select the feed. The calves straw stuck to the wet foot, the calf automatically take the right amount of fiber on. This motor is optimally promoted the rumen digestion, so that the calves are much cleaner and better laid earlier defecate.

In the House Agricultural Centre Riswick to a feeding trial was conducted with a dry mixed ration. The animals of the test group at the end of the rearing phase weighed on average 11 kg more than the control animals.

By this mixture the calves eat more concentrates. From the beginning up to the 10th Week only this mixture, no hay out. In daily feed intake of more than 2 kg TM per calf own economic roughage or dairy cow TMR can be integrated in the smooth transition.






The barley straw is frayed at our facility, dusted 4-fold and hydraulically pressed under high pressure into handy 22-kg bales.   siegelOur calves straw as feed for LAVES is registered in accordance with Regulation 183/2005 and GMP + B3 (2007) certified. Regular quality checks to ensure consistently high quality.   The calves straw bales are delivered on EUR pallets. In general, 6-ply to 18 bales. On request we also produce individual heights. For external storage, the pallets can be supplied with a rain hood.



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